Week of November 13-17

What’s Happened:

This week students decided to write Christmas cards to Jacob Thompson who is a 9 year old boy with a terminal illness. He is celebrating his Christmas early and loves letters from other children. This prompted discussions around what each and every one of us can be thankful for! Every week our class has a classroom meeting which is chaired by a student, who announces the Agenda and a minute person who records the minutes of our meeting. Usually our Agenda includes “What is going well?”, “What do we need to improve?/ Personal concerns” and “What’s New.” As a class, we have decided to add a new item to our meetings and this is “Gratitude!” This is an amazing way to close our meetings every week!

Next Week:

Remember next week interviews are scheduled where parents can see their children’s work.


Please label all clothing and water bottles. It makes is so much easier to get them back to their owners. Thank you!

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