Fabulous French

The students in CASA are so excited to have “les costumes” for the play next week. We are continuing to practice the play “Le Petit Chat cherche une Famille.”

LE students are also practicing for their play, “Comment Y Aller?” Costumes have added an exciting element to the play and I am so proud of all the students during practice.

The website “Duolingo” has been a hit in UE French. This is an interactive French website where the students can listen, speak and write French words and sentences. The students can also login at home and continue to work on their levels and earn rewards as they advance. C’est fantastique!

MS students will be finishing up their presentations next week and then we are on to a food and shopping unit called “Faisons les Courses.” We will be doing some French cooking including “tourtiere” which we will be selling for our French market this year. Watch for the emails for the sale of these delicious French Canadian meat pies.

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