Casa – Week of November 6-10

This Week:

In Casa this week, leading up to Remembrance Day, our focus was on peace. The students learned ways to say “peace” in different languages, including sign language. They discussed what peace means to them, what it looks like in their lives, and how to be peacekeepers in their classroom and at home.  Maybe they can tell you about it and teach you how to do the “peace breath”!

Next Week:

We are very excited to have Police Officer John coming to visit Casa next Thursday. With our focus on peacekeeping, we are looking forward to the children hearing about how John is a peacekeeper in their community.


Now that the colder weather is here and the children have more outdoor clothing, we would love if they could practice putting on their belongings at home!  If given the time to do it, they are all capable of putting on their splash/snow pants, boots, jackets, hats, and mitts independently!  If they are still working on zippers, encourage them to try first before helping them.  They are used to asking an older child for help so if they have an older sibling maybe they can help too.  The videos below will show you a great trick to help them put their jackets on independently (sorry they’re sideways).

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