MS Update October 22-27

Wacky Wednesday

This week we wanted to share some photos and information from Wacky Wednesday (a.k.a. Specialist Day). Each Wednesday the Middle School has 4 specialist periods (Physical and Health Education, Art, Drama and Music). The students really enjoy expressing their creativity and working with their specialist teachers. Here are some photos and information about a workshop from this past Wednesday!




Physical and Health Education

Betting $ense – Financial Literacy 

The Betting $ense workshops use an age-appropriate style, aimed to increase students’ awareness of the risks involved in gambling and the importance of making informed decisions about financial matters. Through a series of activities, students will be invited to explore personal finances, budgeting, spending, borrowing and saving.

Looking Forward: Halloween Potluck and Dress-up

Middle School students have decided that they would like to have a potluck for lunch on Halloween (Tuesday, October 31st). They have organized a sign up and should be responsible for preparing their own dish that they would like to share.

Just a reminder that costumes are not permitted at school and that students are welcome to dress in orange and black to celebrate the day together. Costumes should be reserved for the evening.

Have a great weekend!


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