UE News – October 23-27

In culture, we continue to work in the Zoology area.  Grade 4s and 5s are continuing to learn about how animals are grouped and classified scientifically.  Grade 6’s continue their study of plant and animal cells.  Wow, there are heaps of new words in all this work, which we are tackling in all sorts of areas: spelling, reading, writing… have you ever wondered what a poikilotherm is?  Have you ever met a bird with zygodactyly?

Students continue to share their independent projects with us, and we have learned about and practiced presentation skills.  Students have also learned to give specific and helpful written feedback to their fellow students (what I learned from your presentation, what I think you did well, what I think you could work on for next time)

We have also enjoyed the first session from a guest speaker, who will be helping us understand gambling and computer/media literacy.  The students had some terrific questions for him, on Wednesday.

Students have decided at the classroom meeting that they would like to have a potluck lunch for Halloween!  Please have a conversation with them about what they would like to bring for that day.  Please remember that cooking and warming up things is a challenge with our busy school kitchen.


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