Week of October 16-20

What’s happened:  This week students enjoyed participating in decorating two class pumpkins for the Keene Pumpkin Festival. As a group, they brain stormed designs for the face of one pumpkin and took turns scooping out the insides. Our KMS abstract pumpkin was created by layering paint by every student. We finished off our craft by roasting the seeds! We also loved having a visit from the Ottonabee-South Monaghan Fire department. They showed us their equipment and spoke to us about the importance of Fire safety and having a family meeting spot. Students asked a lot of good questions and enjoyed the presentation.

Next WeeK: Picture Day is next Tuesday so come with your best SMILE!

Tip/Reminder: In class we are having lots of group discussions about how to show respect and kindness. If parents could please continue to support this at home it would be appreciated.

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