UE News – October 16-20

This Week- This week in Upper Elementary some students began to share all of their learning and hard work that they have put into their Independent Projects. Students are encouraged to demonstrate their learning in a variety of ways and to incorporate visual aids to engage their audience. This is an excellent opportunity for students to develop their public speaking and presentation skills and to learn about topics that truly appeal to them.  Students were highly engaged in their art lesson this week as they explored impressionism through the work of Monet. We had a visit from the local volunteer fire department to discuss fire prevention in our homes and had a ‘blast’ practicing our spelling words in an action packed game of Spelling Battleship.

Next Week- We will continue with Independent Project presentations  and students will continue to explore Zoology in culture. We look forward to an expert visit next week to discuss online safety. In writing, we will work hard to create the scariest stories possible to get into the spirit of Halloween.

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