UE News – October 2-6

In culture, we are wrapping up our history studies.  The 4’s are working on making a booklet of the Fundamental Needs of an Ancient Civilization.  The 5’s are learning and writing about the first four milestones in human evolution (bipedalism, tools, fire, larger brains/language).  The 6’s are learning and writing about the agricultural milestone and applying basic questions (who? what? where? why? how?) to investigate it through mapmaking and writing.  We are taking some of our learning from PART of a series called ‘Big History’ online which you might be interested in, too! This learning ties to our Montessori curriculum and the Great Lessons very closely.  We are only using parts of this wonderful resource: https://www.bighistoryproject.com/home 

This week we put aside an afternoon to do community service.  We talked a bit about why we need a tribe around us.  We talked about being aware of ‘Me’ thinking, and ‘We’ thinking, and times when we take from our tribe, and times when we give back.  The group decided we could do a little giving back, and we had a ‘We’ day!  We served our school community by making a game for the backyard called “Gaga Ball”.  We cut giant planks of plywood and made them into a hexagon shape, tying the lengths together with our new knot skills!  The game is a real hit already in the yard.  We also made many trays of apple crisp for the local One Roof Diner, which is a community kitchen serving free dinner to people in Peterborough every day.  It makes sense for us to think of other people who aren’t as lucky as we are, as we go into this long weekend holiday.

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