Casa Weekly Update: October 2-5

This week:  Our Casa students had an excellent week filled with work, fun, and Thanksgiving gratitude!  We made apple sauce during Casa Cooks on Monday, created adorable turkey puppets, and shared many thoughts of what we are thankful for.  We wish you a safe and happy Thanksgiving weekend filled with friends, family, and lots of yummy food!  See you Tuesday!

Next week:  Your children will be making apple cider using an apple press and preparing pumpkins to be entered in the Keene Pumpkin Festival!  Hopefully you can make it out to the festival next weekend to visit the KMS booth and see the KMS pumpkins!

Tip of the week: Did you know that your children clear their plates and scrape their dishes after every snack and lunch at school?  They sweep up under their seats and wipe down their tables as well!  Maybe they could help to set the table and clean up after meals at home too?

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