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Casa Level (3-6 yrs)
Elementary Level (6-12 yrs)
Middle School (12-14 yrs)

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Accredited by Canadian Council of Montessori Administrators

Our Curriculum

Montessori Education is evidence-based education, proven to extensively benefit creative and critical thinking, math and literacy skills, and social and emotional behaviour. In a Montessori classroom children create themselves through purposeful activity and are respected as different from adults and as individuals who are different from one another.

At KMS we understand a child's innate desire to learn is generated through: a prepared environment, complex curriculum, freedom of choice, and independence. Our staff place equal emphasis on rigorous academics and the development of character, integrity, and service. The depth and complexity of the Montessori curriculum exceeds the expectations of the Ontario curriculum.

These are the distinct features of a KMS education at all levels:

  • Multi-aged classes: emphasizing responsibility, self-discipline, initiative, and independence.
  • Individual and small group instruction with lessons customized to each child.
  • A partnership between school and family. The family is considered an integral part of a child's total development.
  • A schedule which allows large blocks of time to problem solve, to see connections in knowledge, and to create new ideas.
  • French, Music, Art, Drama, Physical Education (including swimming and skating), and Outdoor Education are fully integrated into programming.
  • The Casa program requires attendance five days per week.