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Middle School 

At the adolescent level we demonstrate our continued commitment to offering authentic Montessori education. Our Middle School is the innovative model of Maria Montessori's vision for the adolescent. She understood, as do we, that engagement for an adolescent leads to a sense of ownership and stewardship.
Our program effectively integrates rigorous academics in an experiential learning environment. We provide our students with outstanding opportunities not offered anywhere else. It is an education for the adolescent that will meet the demands of the 21st Century.

The Middle School Curriculum

The Montessori Curriculum at all levels far exceeds the Ontario Curriculum expectations. In our Middle School we ensure a student receives studies in all areas of academics through our rigorous curriculum. They are well prepared for secondary school.
The Kawartha Montessori Middle School curriculum provides a focus on:

  • Learning and Research Skills
  • Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Business and Entrepreneurial Skills
  • Communication and Collaboration
  • Information, Media and Technology Skills/Literacy
  • Leadership and Career Skills
Core? Subjects? and? Interdisciplinary? Themes:
  • Mathematics
  • Economics
  • Science
  • Language (Reading, Writing, Grammar)
  • Arts (Music, Drama, Fine Arts)
  • Foreign Language (French)
  • Geography and History
  • Government and Civics
  • Global Awareness
  • Financial, Business, and Entrepreneurial Literacy

Why a Montessori Middle School?

Maria Montessori knew that for an adolescent to truly be prepared for adult life education at this stage must have both rigorous academics and meaningful work that is valued by the community itself, that challenges both the mind and body, that is recognized as legitimate by the culture, has economic validity, and work that is made noble by being done with integrity and passion. She understood what is still true today - engagement leads to a sense of ownership and stewardship.

The Research Says...

At KMS we take the time to learn, understand and apply current research. We know that Montessori education is based on the developmental needs of children. The Montessori curriculum for the adolescent precisely meets the needs of what education at secondary level will demand. As a result, our Middle School program is specifically designed to meet the needs of the 12 to 14 year old.

We know Adolescents require:

  • Intellectually stimulating work that is real and meaningful.
  • Physical and Creative ways to express themselves.
  • A healthy, active community of caring thoughtful peers and adults.
  • Opportunities to contribute to their communities in significant ways.

The Middle School Approach to Teaching and Learning:

Our highly skilled Middle School staff provide a rich learning environment that includes:

  • Individualized learning paths of each student.
  • Emphasis on experiential and situational learning.
  • A focus on constructivist and inquiry based practices.
  • Partnership development with community members and organizations and the support of apprentice like learning outside the school.
  • An emphasis on ensuring deep learning that matches developmental levels and is naturally interdisciplinary.
  • Rich and meaningful assessment and reporting that is based on competencies and not just scores to show achievement.

Our Middle School Experience:

The Middle School program has access to a van, which allows us to expand our physical environment to meet the needs of our learning on a daily basis. Other commonly used spaces are: Trent University Athletics Centre and Bata Library, Camp Kawartha Environment Centre, and local museums, libraries, galleries, grocery stores, farmers' markets, and farms. These areas of adult society are what provide context and purpose to the academic study for the adolescent. Our Middle School classroom includes a fully functioning kitchen where students prepare meals for the group.

Our Students Operate a Business:

One of the most important aspects of an adolescent Montessori program is the way in which it prepares a student for adult life. A significant portion of this preparation takes place through the understanding and management of a micro-economy. The skills needed to properly manage a small business will most certainly prove useful if not essential as the adolescent matures into adulthood. Students are responsible for developing a viable business. They are also responsible for managing the costs and income associated with a micro-economy.
The second most significant aspect of business studies is on a more macro level through work on the land. The students grow vegetables and raise small livestock. Through this business they are required to learn the fundamental mechanism of production and exchange, mirroring the economic life of the adult world. The produce is sold commercially, bringing their macro-economy to their local society. This unique opportunity for adolescents is like no other, where both academic and actual experience is an integral part of their education.

Student Expeditions:

There are two week-long expeditions in the KMS Middle School program.

These expeditions are an integral part of the development of the adolescent as an individual as well as the development of the group as as a whole. 
The expeditions are a mandatory part of the program. They provide an invaluable way to create a permanent bond amongst a group of individuals.
Expeditions provide authentic and relevant learning opportunities for the young adolescent. Our intention is to emphasize both of these benefits through wilderness travel.

Middle School Admission Process:

In order for the KMS instructors and administrators to better understand the needs and abilities of a child, all students (including KMS Upper Elementary students) are asked to go through the admissions process which includes: an interview, completion of forms, aptitude test, essay and submission of work.

For further information on our Middle School program please contact Admissions Director, Jessica Hart, at: 705-748-5437 or