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Building on a Dream

A few years ago, KMS was at a crossroads. As our enrolment grew we were able to see that we would soon outgrow our current campus. Many Board Meetings were spent trying to come up with a solution that would work for our community and a committee was formed to attempt to solve our problem. Over the course of two years, 75 locations were viewed, but one always stood out. In October, we were given a tremendous gift by one of our KMS families. The gift of the ten acre Woodview Campus creates an unparalleled opportunity for the future of KMS and marks a turning point in our history. In September 2015 we will open our doors at our two campuses: Cameron and Woodview.

Where we began is just as important as where we are going. KMS has been a cornerstone of the Montessori community in Peterborough, Ontario for over 30 years, thanks to a dedicated group of parents and teachers. Providing the highest quality authentic Montessori education has always been our goal. We remain dedicated to pursuing that same goal. KMS began as a single class of Casa students in the fall of 1982, and has since moved locations 3 times and expanded to 100 students aged 2 ½ to 14 years old. This latest expansion will allow even more children the opportunity to experience authentic Montessori. To learn more about our history, click here (link:

Our new Woodview Campus will host one Casa class, our Elementary and Middle School program. Located on 10 acres at Highway 7 and Burnham Line, the Woodview Campus has a long history of education in our region. A former public school stands atop of a hill in the middle of the amazing property. With five existing classrooms and plenty of outside space it is the ideal location for our new school.

The existing building is currently undergoing a renovation and slight addition to make it ready for students in September 2015! We are excited to announce that construction is underway and on time.

Our new video, Building on a Dream tells the story of this very exciting time in our school’s history. Filmed and produced by KMS alum Ryan Lee (class of 2006), it was a truly special experience.